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Sandie Nuova

Multidisciplinary artist compiling painting, rollerdance and photography


Originally from Ile-de-France, Sandie has been making paintings for 14 years, starting by painting on her furniture if she doesn't have any canvases.

Creation is an excellent communication channel.

It is with her works that Sandie wishes to convey a strong message or emotion.

The environment, a source of inspiration.

Sandie draws inspiration from her daily life in order to create and evolve as an autodidact.His paintings are figurative: they are explicit paintings featuring men, women or children. 

His own techniqueartistic.

  • The collage: 

Poetic and nostalgic, it incorporates pages from books, comics or even music scores.


  • The Universe: 

One of his passions... Such a rich subject from a scientific but also a philosophical point of view.  How can we understand the Universe if our laws and our beliefs are called into question? It is by sharing this interest that Sandie wishes to evolve by integrating nebulae into this literary background.

  • The drawing :

The transmission of his emotion through a drawing contrasted by acrylic and nuanced by charcoal.

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